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Time to get SOZD

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Damien G Walter reminds me that tomorrow is Support Our Zines Day. Before Gary Farber gets annoyed again I should point out that in this particular case Damien just means fiction magazines such as Clarkesworld that need funds to keep paying their authors. There are lots of them, and many of them are listed on the Save Semiprozine web site.

The basic idea of SOZD is that on that day everyone is encouraged to donate some money to their favorite ‘zine. Take out a subscription, click the donate button or whatever. For those of you on Facebook, here is the Event page.

And if you should happen to feel like donating to Clarkesworld, you can do so here.

Update: Those of you who don’t like the idea of small press magazines asking for money might like to read this post by Amanda Palmer. I think she’s right. Artists of all types have to make a living. I’d far rather see my money going more or less directly to them than most of the cash being siphoned off by distributors, retailers and multi-national publishers. For goodness sake let’s get away from this ridiculous classist idea that art is something that the upper classes do for love and no one should ever ask money for.

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