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Look What We’ve Done to Canada!

Originally published at Cheryl's Mewsings. Please leave any comments there.

Hold a Worldcon in a country and even their universities go crazy.

According to the BBC, researchers at two Ottowa universities have been pondering how best to defend ourselves against a zombie invasion.

In their scientific paper, the authors conclude that humanity’s only hope is to “hit them [the undead] hard and hit them often”.

They added: “It’s imperative that zombies are dealt with quickly or else… we are all in a great deal of trouble.”

Undoubtedly. So why are we not hurriedly repealing gun control laws, eh?

A spokesman for the British government was unruffled:

“My understanding of zombie biology is that if you manage to decapitate a zombie then it’s dead forever. So perhaps they are being a little over-pessimistic when they conclude that zombies might take over a city in three or four days,” he said.

But over at The Spectator Alex Massie worries that the Canadians may have fatally under-estimated zombie abilities.

Anyone would think it was a slow news week.